Wednesday, September 30, 2009

She lives!

No, I didn't get pulled away by a run away dog sled team. No, I did not get mauled by a bear and drug into the woods. No, a rampaging moose did not take me out.

I was simply way laid by a broken AC adapter and when one only has a laptop at home, having a power connection to an outlet is an important thing. If it had been repairable it would have been a week without my computer. Unfortunately, it was not able to be saudered as the adapter had broken free of the motherboard inside the laptop. This being Alaska, simply "ordering" a part is not so simple. I made the request for expediate shipping. In spite of the 3 to 5 day arrival guarantee, it took 9 days. At least once they had the part, it only took one day to put it in.

I am officially "connected" again and have spent since Friday getting myself caught up with emails, Facebook, blogs, and general online activities. My blog has been horribly neglected and I have no clue where to start with all that has happened and all that i have been thinking about in the last month. There has been a lot to ponder in the absence of my computer. I'll get it out soon as I can!