Saturday, June 28, 2008

Alaskan bound...

It's official. I start work at Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, Alaska on September 29th. I feel as though I am horribly neglecting my blog but with work, stuff to figure out for the move, paperwork for the new job, etc I've just not had time. I'll sit down a write a real post soon.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's back in the house...

I don't talk sports too much here but when the Celtics bring a season back like they did this year from the depths of last year AND do it against the Lakers it is worth mentioning. I grew up watching the Boston "greats"...Bird, McHale, Parrish. I lost interest as they all left one by one but a Celtics fan is always a Celtics fan and tonight it's a beautiful night in Beantown!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father Knows Best

To all those dads, grandpas, and dads-to-be out there today...
Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

HNT...tis the season!

There's not a lot which I like about summer. Particularly in Minnesota. The picture below is hazy but image it as what the air outside looks and feels like. It's only June and the humidity is through the roof. Areas are flooding liking crazy from swollen rivers and creeks. We have had tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings nightly for quite a few days. I hate it all. For the record, Fairbanks gets very little change in humidity and what they do have is low!

This is the one thing that makes my summer worth it. SAND! Lots and lots of volleyball in the sand. I literally have sand in my shorts right now. I need to take a shower but the lightening is really bad again so not sure if I want to jump in or not. So for now, I'll sit with my sandy feet up on the coffee table with the fans going!

Happy HNT!

Friday, June 06, 2008

More of Alaska

I don't think I could possibly post enough pictures to prove how amazingly beautiful and breathtaking the Land of the Midnight Sun is. Since I will be moving there this fall I thought I would at least try to post a few more photos of my adventures up there. The above photo is the Horseshoe Lake hike in Denali National Park. See the far end of the lake? That's where I was headed. There was a big ole beaver damn at that far end but I didn't see a single beaver along the trail.

Sled dog racing is a religion in Alaska. You might recognize the names of Susan Butcher, Doug Swingley, and Jeff King if you follow the Iditarod every March. Susan has passed away from leukemia. Doug Swingley, a Montana (not so popular in Alaska) has retired. But Jeff King is still at it. In spite of his very large sponsorship from Cabella's, sled dog racing is not cheap. SO...for all of us unsuspecting "tourists" we can "contribute" by spending $49 to come spend 3 hours at his home.

You can't help but fall in love when they greet you at the bus with adorable little puppies. Jeff has won four Iditarods and lots of other smaller races. He runs 70 dogs on his place and these dogs LIVE to run. While we were there they hooked up six to go on a training run and the entire yard goes crazy begging to be picked. What a life!

The Alaska Pipeline runs through Fairbanks and along the highway north of town. I missed a moose spotting by 24 hours here. The day before one was using the pipeline as a scratching post.

So there is a bit more of my Alaska adventure. I emailed the hospital yesterday and accepted the position! Come this fall I'll be an Alaskan moose :)

Monday, June 02, 2008

Moose on the loose?

I was the only moose on the loose in Fairbanks, AK this weekend. Supposedly, the Fairbanks area as the highest population of moose in North America. I don't believe it. I was there Thursday through this morning and I drove all over, even to Denali National Park and didn't see a single moose.

There were lots of "oh they were just here's". Saturday night friends of friends took me to dinner. 10 minutes after I drove by the little church down the road, one of the couples drove by and saw a moose. I never saw a moose. Yesterday at Jeff King's home (4 time Iditarod champion) one of the gals took a group of 6 dogs out on a training run, they came across a moose. I never saw a moose.

I did, however, see wild life. Very open and not a bit modest piece of wildlife. This big guy wandered out of the tundra, walked up the highway, stopped within the 10-15 feet you see here next to my driver's window and took care of things.

When he was done, he went on his way back behind my vehicle and back into the tundra. No wander I didn't see a moose. No good momma moose would want this big guy eating her babies!

What an adventure!