Wednesday, November 24, 2010

HNT...The prep begins

Friends invited...Check
Groceries bought...Check
House cleaned...Check
Macaroni Salad...Check
Topping for brie...Check
Champagne, wine, brandy, scotch, OJ...Check
Sweet potatoes baked...Check
Two brandy pumpkin pies...Almost

It's my favorite night/day of the year! I'm cooking for my Thanksgiving orphan dinner.

Back in college I lived too far from home to go home for holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter because they were only four day weekends. I was never left alone in the dorm though. Multiple people had me at their houses for the holidays. I remember watching the Macy's parade wrapped up in huge down comforters at Coree's house only to discover the turkey hadn't been thawed. I remember Easter at Rhonda's house with the best home made strawberry shortcake ever with real half and half poured over the top. I remember breakfast of deer sausage and eggs at cousin Russell's house before a late Thanksgiving dinner. I remember after church dressed up dinner with Heather's family in the "old" neighborhood.

Now I'm older. Ever since I was married during graduate school I have returned the favor. I host an "orphan dinner" on Thanksgiving and Easter. I remember the first one in our apartment in Phoenix with yeast rolls that tasted like mom's but didn't rise. I remember Easter in the apartment in Helena with tables running from one side of the house to the other. I remember my first Thanksgiving in Alaska with the house still full of boxes and 23 people crammed into my little log cabin.

This year is a group of friends from work and outside of work, old and new. I'm glad they can share this day with me in my home. I truly feel honored to invite people into my home to partake in a day of thanks. I'm grateful for them all and I revel in the preparing their meal.

To you and yours...Thank you for your friendships, your memories, and may God bless you with a day to be grateful for! Happy HNT!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

HNT...All Jacked Up

Halloween isn't complete without a pumpkin carving. Note to self though, if doing something with tiny pieces DON'T get a pumpkin that is three inches thick! The little carving tools aren't deep enough on the first pass. Oh well. My witch didn't turn out to bad and I have enough pumpkin to chop up, boil down, and can to be used for pies and more throughout the year. It's a process but we'll see how it turns out. The 25 lbs of Honeycrisp Apples I boiled down made some crazy good applesauce.

Happy HNT!