Monday, June 22, 2009

Midnight Sun Baseball Game

Checkin' the clock to see if it's game time yet! First pitch is 6 minutes away!
Not sure why the picture is sideways but that was the sun just before the National Anthem!

The competitor came all the way from Lake Erie to take on the Goldpanners.


Midnight Sun! Complete sunset was still about 50 minutes away.


Home at 2:00 AM! Yes, that's pink clouds and daylight still AFTER sunset!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Midnight Sun Festival activities

Summer Solstice is a big deal in the land of Northern Lights! Those of us who chose to live this far north endure some interesting weather. The cold in the winter is the least of the strangeness. Cold is cold. But all day dark and all day light are a unique experience. I did okay adjusting to the dark b/c I've always lived in areas where I went to work in the dark and came home in the dark during the winter months. For me, it was easy to adjust to. Now, going to work in the daylight and coming home in the daylight, and being called back in during the middle of the night in daylight are a whole new experience. On Thursday night I drove home from the ER after taking care of a patient and needed to wear my sunglasses. It takes some getting use to and can play games with your mind when you think it's time to go to bed. But it's ALSO an excuse for a weekend long PARTY!

Saturday night of Solstice weekend is prime time for the Midnight Sun Fun Run. A 10K is started at the college at 10 pm and finishes in Pioneer Park. The hitch...if you start the race in costume, you have to finish the race in costume.
Here are the stats from the night before. The numbers are a little rain soaked but the sunrise was at 2:57 am and sunset was at 12:47 pm. Just two hours of "night" but night doesn't get dark. Think 2 hours of dusk!
This was before we were wet. It was raining but only barely. Julia and I posed for a shot under the arches before it got really wet.

This is Julia's husband, who was up to visit. Doesn't he look freezing? It was pouring rain around 9:00 pm and continued until almost 11.

It warmed up as the night went on. Anyone want to guess what time this is? It was around 11:00 pm. Those are the finishing shoots for the runners and we were "people movers" to keep the line going so there wasn't a back up at the finish line.

This pink flamingo made it with all her feathers intact but very heavy....

The Runaway Bride crossed with his bouquet and then waited for his love one while shivering. We saw him later at Denny's and someone had given him a coat.

Hey Dad! This was fun, but I've got my jammies on and I'm ready for bed!

These two had a few beers along the way but they made it. Giggling while they crossed. Notice Julia's t-shirt. It's THAT wet!

I was a bit worried about the mermaids shells but they stayed on the whole race.

Just b/c I wasn't running didn't mean I couldn't play along in the fun. I added my lovely 80's costume jewelry to my volunteer t-shirt. This is me still making sure runners are going through just at the stroke of midnight!

Today downtown hosted the Midnight Sun Festival. The streets were lined with fair food vendors and local artists. I was excited because my friend Vicki and her family were in town so I met them this afternoon. I had my obligatory chocolate covered frozen banana (it was so much easier to eat without all the crew back in Rochester making fun of me!) and great Thai food too.

Vicki's daughter wanted her face painted. She sat so still...

And came out with a moose on her face!

There were three stages of entertainment to be had as well. This stage had belly dancers dancing to the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack.

Last night before the Fun Run we stopped by Creamer's Field and found a flock of heron's hanging out. I just thought they were pretty.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Midnight Sun Festival

Check it out! This weekend is Summer Solstice and time for the Midnight Sun Festival!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

HNT...Sexy Softball Socks

THOSE are socks you just gotta love! Unfortunately tonight I made it to the bottom of the fourth and had to go to the ER to take care of a little kiddo that fell off her bike. It was dusty and windy enough though that they did get just a little dirty. Little kiddo is back in one piece, I'm home, showered, and off to bed! Happy HNT!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

HNT...Brother, Can You Spare Some Change?

I traveled to Chicago last week to attend a week long review course to prepare for the national board test I must take to maintain my certification as a Physician Assistant. We are required by law to maintain 100 hours of continuing medical education every two years and sit for our boards every 6 years. It seems hard to believe but I have been a Physician Assistant for 6 years this September! The review course is very intense but I have chosen to specialize in Orthopaedics for the last 6 years and the exam is based in Primary Care. Therefore, a review course was in order. Between Monday at 7 am and Friday at 12:30 pm I completed 42 hours of classroom time and an additional 10+ hours of at home testing. When it was all over, a friend from Minnesota met me for the weekend and we took in a show at Second City, etc near downtown Chicago.

Second City has been the start for multiple comedians including the likes of Gilda Radner, Jim and John Belushi, Chris Farlee, and even the janitor from Scrubs! Second City, etc is a secondary stage is the building around the corner. The show was entitled "Brother, Can You Spare Some Change?" and included rehearsed skits as well as several improv skits. We even got an extra 40 minutes at the end for them to "practice" on us. Can't tell you the name of the building but it starts with "PA"...what I hope to still be after July 17th when I sit for the recert exam!!!

We were the second people in line and were waiting outside the main doors to be seated close and personal.

This is the stage backdrop. Can you tell house close we are?

The two young ladies at the table next to us were nice enough to take a picture for us.

Now...Can you tell how close we were. That's our table and the edge of the stage! I had to remove my leg for the show but we were THAT close. Before the night was done a special performance was made by crack detective "Johnny Hanson" who was roped into the skit by the talented crew. I personally think he did a pretty good job!

Happy HNT!

Thursday, June 04, 2009 meat!

When I travel for work I focus on the foods of the area. When I come to Chicago that is beer and red meat. They know how to make a great steak in this city! I have been a slave to room service while test taking all week but tonight was special. I still have a test to do but a friend lives close by and we were going to get together no matter what. And that we did. Dana picked me up and took me to the RAM. It's a steakhouse chain that brews their own beer. The 14 oz Gorgonzola crusted New York center cut and the 24 oz Beltian Wit were perfect.

They gigantic Mud Pie for dessert was pretty darn good. And the company was superb! Thanks for a night of relaxation, Dana! It was good to see you again!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

HNT...Look good, feel good, do good

When tackling 43 hours of continuing medical education focused on passing your boards with 4 nights of 120 question take home tests, one must boost their confidence somehow. I like wearing skirts. I don't get to wear skirts very often. I've worn a skirt to class every day and settled into my short robe every night to work on these nasty exams. Gotta love it! Too bad you can't tell how tight my hamstrings feel from sitting for so long...Any one want to come rub them down for me....Happy HNT!