Monday, March 22, 2010

To Safety

On Saturday night it was a beautiful evening to take a snowmachine (that's Alaskan for snowmobile) to Safety, AK. Safety is the last checkpoint on the Iditarod trail before the final 22 miles into Nome. We made this year's trip a little Carroll College reunion. We left Nome and followed the trail all the way to Safety. These markers along the trail led the way.

The sunset across the trail along the Bering Sea was spectacular that night. This was taken from about 5 or so miles out on the trail. Simply amazing.
From the top of Cape Nome you can see forever in all directions.
Our goal was to get to Safety and have a cheeseburger with a beer. We left as soon as Celeste Davis, this year's Red Lantern last place finisher, crossed in town but by the time we made it the Roadhouse was already boarded up and closed for the season.
Matt, Kamey and I are giving Danielle a "peace sign". Really, that's what we're doing in our seal skin mittens.

Kamey let me drive home; all bundled in parkies, seal fur, and ruffs with goggles and boots. It was such a perfect night for a ride.

The Iditarod trail lit by late night sunsets as we get ready to start home.

We had a slight "adventure" on the way home. The last few miles of the trail cross over the road in several places. Matt and Danielle were in the lead and I zigged when I should have zagged. Kamey and I made it home and after 15 minutes still no Matt and Danielle. Poor Matt and Danielle, bless their hearts, drove all the way back to the creek to make sure we hadn't fallen through open water. We at least left our backpack on Matt's Prowler so if they made it back before we did they knew we were safe. We met up again about 2 miles out of down and Matt and Danielle both let out audible sighs of relief. Sorry, guys!

So here are Matt, Kamey, and myself after completion of the FARTHEST north Carroll College Reunion. We have a wonderful evening on a beautiful night in an amazing place. Thanks Matt and Kamey!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Coming down Front Street

Standing on Front Street in the middle of the night watching teams come in is a wonderful experience. Aren't they just the cutest with their booties and harnesses on?

Sebastian Schuenelle had one dog ready for a nap. He was asleep on his line waiting for his owner to say it was time to go.

Sebastian is known for his crazy hair. It's so funny! He's a big lovable, German who lives in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

The doggy finally figured out it's easier if you just lay down.

We were up early on day two to greet Aliy Zirkle. This is her stepdaughter, Bridget making sure the dogs get a little snack after a great race.

Marcy made sure they got a bit of attention too.

This is Kamey and I with lead dog, Dingle. He's adorable and super sweet.

Mushing on

This year St Patty's Day fell in the middle of Iditarod week so the three of us went out in true Irish style. We had our own bottle of green food coloring and Benny, the bar tender at Breakers, set us up with headgear and beads. It was a great night for friends and we saw several mushers come through as well.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

On the Road again, Just can't wait to get to Nome Again!

I'm made it! I'm in Nome AK for my second Iditarod Experience. I planned this year's trip a bit differently. I will be here until Monday of next week at 9 pm. I have a good chance of seeing the Red Lantern cross. I made it in time today to see the winner cross. It was Lance Mackey for the fourth year in a row and I'm not a big fan of him as a person but his dogs are amazing. I also got to see Jeff King cross on his birthday in third place. I very much like him as a musher. Yet tonight will be Ken Anderson, John Baker (practically a local here), and Hugh Neff (easy on the eyes). This is my favorite week of the year in Alaska. I am staying with Kamey, a great friend from college and meeting up with a few new and old friends. Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, March 07, 2010


So I finally make the commitment to getting my blog going again and they my comments go funky. SO...Comments ARE working but you have to click on the individual posts to bring it up by itself to leave a comment. It's a bit cumbersome and Os has spent a long time trying to get it to work. He found someone else who posted they were having the same problem. Until someone comes up with a solution you have to select the individual post you are reading and want to comment on. Then comments work just like they use to. Thanks, Nic