Sunday, February 26, 2006

She came around...

The puppy is being more of her normal self finally. She stayed sad and pouty until the end of the second day. Then she would at least come out of her kennel but only if i was on a different floor of the house. Yesterday the boyfriend came over to help me take her for a walk. She took us for a run! Good thing I had him to help me. Today the boy is busy so we are stuck to playing fetch in her great big backyard but we will do that soon. This morning we took a nap on the couch together and she had her head in my lap. And she's eating. All much better now :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

First night HNT

Nothing nearly as thought provoking as last thursday's hnt. Thanks again to all of the great comments on my hands. The hand's have been super busy this week so I'm not as creative. I moved into my friend's house tonight to house sit/puppy sit. He's off to Florida for a week and I'm hanging with the woman in his life, McKenzie. She's met me before, she knows her dad and I are friends. She watched part of the Super Bowl laid out across my lap soaking up all the attention of everyone else that was here too. She liked me then.

Now Dad's not in the house and has been gone since late afternoon. She ran out of her kennel as soon as I got here tonight and outside she went. She came back in, ate her supper and now is sulking in her cage. The poor girl. Daddy isn't home :(

I've tried coaxing her out with her ball, treats, kind words but she doesn't want to come out. I've petted her lots in her cage but she won't come out, not even to join me on her favorite TV watching spot on the couch. So I snapped these shots of her, the teddy bear in my hand is so cute. it was outside her cage and at one point she wandered out to drop it inside her cage but wouldn't stay out. I even used it to bribe her sad little self out. Isn't she adorable. I finally gave up and just gave her her teddy bear.

My feet aren't nekkid because McKenzie's house is chilly. i need to crank up the heat :) Look at that sad face though...

So I tried the teddy bear that she has affectionately torn a hole in. Even that couldn't brighten her spirits.
This is where she still sits with her bear in her mouth and those big sad eyes. I'll just keep talking to her and hopefully she will join me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I think I should be feeling guilty and/or disappointed at this very moment but I'm actually relieved. Ever put lots of time and effort into planning something and then get just overloaded from a time and resources standpoint?

That happened this week. We have had this Saturday set as our Lenten Retreat date for over a year now. We have a great program planned. I had a meeting for it this past Sunday, needed to write the closing remarks yet, needed to be at the church all Friday night to set up and back at 7 am on Saturday morning to get the breakfast tables ready and then have the four hour retreat. All well and fine until the rest of my schedule filled in over the last several weeks.

in the last few weeks I added a puppy sitting gig at a friend's house, a boyfriend that unexpectedly had to fly out and will need picked up on Friday night, plus this damn sinus infection, and two meetings for my Habitat project. All of that on top of the retreat was looking like it was going to knock me out for the count this weekend. it turns out, due to some changes in how we can advertise for our retreat only four people had registered by last night, which was our deadline. This is an event usually attended by 30-50 people. An executive decision has been made to move it to the middle of march and that puts me off the hook....I'm going to have time to catch my breath!

I should feel bad right? Tell me I'm okay for not feeling bad. Life happens and sometimes you have to step away from it for a bit. My plans now for Friday night...candles, champagne, fireplace and sleeping in till the puppy has to be let out on Saturday morning!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Points of order...

First...i'm nearly healthy again! I don't have much energy left yet but i managed to make it through two days with only a single dose of day time cold medicine each day and last night no night time cold meds. Yeah!

Second, to all of you for your great comments yesterday. I didn't expect the response I got from what I thought was a simple post. Thank you for all the great insight and wonderful comments. Just to clarify though, I'm not a doc. I'm a physician assistant, fortunate to practice in a state where there isn't much difference between docs and PAs so I get do quite a bit.

Lastly...what I really want to post about. SELF ABSORPTION

When i get sick I become easily irritated and very hypersensitive to things around me. Things I would normally not think twice about irk me. When I notice these things I start to ponder them. So you get to listen to what I have come up with.

Ever notice how Self-absorbed we have become as a society? I'm not talking about arrogance. I'm talking about the rush everyone seems to be in and the lack of attention people pay to their surroundings. This has led me to be mucho frustrated in the last couple weeks since my temper was short to start with. I have shouted "IDIOT!" numerous times while driving, "umphed" loudly in hallways/doorways, and rolled my eyes not so subtly more than once.

Example: Walking in the mall today, you would not believe how many people just cut in front of others in wide, spacious hallways. It is 20 below zero here today so not that many people were out and about. But in the rush to get to here there or the other place, I had several people just flat out step in my path without evening realizing it to say excuse me.

Example: I park in a parking ramp. It's a 7 level building with two types of parking; always open and not always open. There are a limited number of spaces that must remain unoccupied from 1:00-1:30 pm in order to allow the late shift workers to have spaces available to them. These are on the first three levels. in the morning, people will putz there way past these spaces knowing full well they can't park there. Annoying...But even more annoying. At 6:50 AM when the largest number of people are arriving in the ramp there will be without fail one person on level 4 or 5 that decides to stop and wait for someone getting off the night shift to back out of a spot completely oblivious to the 20 cars backed up behind them! Focused on their own need to park, they "forget" others are jamming up behind them all the way to the entrance.

Example: Another work place example. We have an employee cafeteria in the basement level of our building. There are peak hours and in health care "lunch" is sometimes optional so you grab it when you can grab it. There is a stair case or an elevator. I use the staircase because my office is on the first floor. There are four doors involved in getting from that level to the cafeteria. On the way up, with your hands full of food two of the doors are easily pushed forward with your hip. However, the top two doors have a handle which you must grasp and pull towards you. I can not believe how many people will push through those doors from the other side with their head down, not paying attention to the poor soul standing just about to grab the handle with one hand while precipitously balancing food containers in the other on the other side. I have nearly had my nose broke by this type more than once, let alone found my beverage sloshing down my front as I spin out of their way.

Example: Elevators come up and go down. When one stops there is a two way flow of traffic. Get on, get off. People DO NOT wait to go in an orderly fashion. More than once I have been about to step around the opening door to get off and had an eager beaver plow into me trying to get out. Please wait the nanosecond it takes to see if anyone is moving in front of you to get on or off.

last example: driving. where to the age of cell phones, pagers, shuttling kids, get there, get there, get there faster all courtesy has been lost on freeways, sidestreets and backroads. We got 7-10 inches of snow in the area yesterday so road conditions are dicey to say the least. Stopping and going take more effort. But without fail today as I was running errands I had to slam my gears down to avoid hitting the breaks because people pulled out with bad timing or this that or the other thing. That's just one small driving example, that in itself could be a whole other post.

Now, I'm not admitting to being guilt free of this. Just last week when I was first starting to get sick I had to go to the grocery store. i was uber tired, cranky and just wanted to get my cold meds and leave. I was pulling up in front of the grocery store, saw a couple about to cross at the crosswalk and I just cruised through it. The man made some obscene gesture, I mumbled I'm sorry under my breath knowing that I had committed one of my own pet peeves but I just didn't care because I felt so bad and only had me in mind.

my point is this...take the time to be cognizant of one's surroundings. Notice where you are in space. Pause long enough to "think" about what your actions might be doing to others. Try to slow the bustle and be aware.

Happy TGIF!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Reality check HNT

Do you ever stop in your day and realize how grown-up you have become?

Or question the reality in what you really do at your job?

I had one of those moments today. I was taking a screw out of a women's ankle, chatting with her about my the weather, what her husband did for her for Valentine's Day, making small talk. All of this while I have a three-quarter inch incision in her ankle and a screw driver backing out a piece of hardware. I got the screw out, put in a couple stitches, bandaged her up and sent her on her way. 15 minutes later I was scrubbed in on a total knee replacement and spent a half hour closing that wound.

Today was particularly busy for us because we had to be done with our cases by a certain time today. Plus we have a pretty full house in the hospital. In the middle of micromanaging all of that it dawned on me how much responsibility I have in a single day. And frankly, it scared me!

Just a few short years ago I was a college kid who liked to stay up late, study at the last minute for huge exams, and basically be a college kid, emphasis on the kid. I was highly emotional, not always very logical. There are days where I am in disbelief that I grew out of that.

Ever just ask yourself "wow, did I really do that? am I really capable of that?" and then after a pause, answer yourself with "yeah, I did do that" and walk away with a quirky little grin.

So today I give you a picture of my hands. Very different from the hands of that "kid" from a few years back. Those hands use to be adorned with at least three rings and they always had nail polish. Now, I rarely wear my rings because they have to come off any time I need to put gloves on and in general get in the way. I can never wear nail polish because that's not allowed when you scrub into the OR either. So they aren't as "dressed up" as they use to be but these hands have now held fragile human fractures in place, held the hands of patients and family, coached unsure new docs...

So, take a moment and think about what you do now as an adult...remember to do that reality check and not take what you do for granted. You've come a long ways!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

battle of the bowls

I have consumed A LOT of chicken noodle soup on the last five days. So I thought I would do a little comparison. I normally buy the plain old standby Campbell's Chicken Noodle in a can. Add a can of water, microwave and you have a warm elixir to soothe your raw throat. I ran out of this soup on day two of this little "illness". The boy was kind enough to go to the grocery store for me and bring me supplies. He treated me extra special with a variety of ready-to-serve microwaveable chicken noodle soups in the cool little portable personal containers.

#1 Progressive healthy choice chunky chicken noodle: very good. thick flat noodles, somewhat questionably shaped pieces of chicken, nice vegetable mix, not too salty. Over all, pretty tasty

#2 Campbell's Chicken and Dumpling: thick consistency, almost a bit too creamy for my sore throat. Plenty of dumplings but not a lot of anything else. Okay taste, but sort of bland. Suitable for a soup and sandwich combo, but not so great with the sore throat

#3 Original Campbell's Chicken Noodle out of the can: plenty of noodles, little bits of chicken, no veggies. Great "chicken noodle" taste though. In the early stages of a sore throat, this might be the best sinc ethere is little to chew and little to irritate the throat on the way down.

#4 Market Pantry Chunky Chicken Noodle (Target brand): you have to have a Super Target to find this one. It's there grocery brand. This one takes the cake. It was super yummy, great flavor. Large spiral egg noodles, carrots, celery, nice square pieces of chicken, some green seasonings. no creaminess so it went down easy, more than just noodles and meat, very very good.

Now, I'm sick of chicken noodle soup. Throat still is a bit sore though, anything dry or cold doesn't work so well. i did okay with spaghetti yesterday but the soup feels so good going down. Guess I'll make a stop at Target after work tomorrow. I'm going to try to put in a normal day, we'll see how that goes.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


As i mentioned i updated my blogroll today. I added the Torino Tracker to it. That's NBC's official "blog" for the games. I think I might remove it.

I already know "The Exception" wins his gold and it isn't going to be on TV for another hour or so. I'm currently watching the women's freestyle mogul's and happened to drift over to the blog. I know who won it too and the trials to get into the last run aren't even over yet.

i don't think I like the blog taking the excitement out of me watching the games. The behind the scene stories are good but the time delay between blogger world and TV world is wreaking havoc on my sense of time! Not good.


Things I've done today...

...up at 7:30 with a congested head from hell

...7:50 gave up on blowing my nose and stood in a hot shower for 35 minutes

...back to bed after the shower propped up on my back

...interrupted by "unknown" caller, just to sleep again, interrupted by mailman ringing doorbell
...stayed in bed until 11:30, got package the mailman left (a great new litte red dress from Coldwater Creek)

...tea and OJ for breakfast, spaghetti for lunch an hour later

...watched the US Women's Hockey team win their first game

...watched a week's worth of Oprah

...swept main floor hardwood floors

...prepared lesson plans on Human Dignity and Human Rights for youth group lesson tomorrow

...slept again for about an hour and a half a few blogs

...reorganized my blogroll


Friday, February 10, 2006

New Doc

I took a second day off work and slept. Slept lots. I emailed work at 6:40 this morning and crawled back into bed and stayed there until 11:30. I was back into bed at 1:00 and stayed there until 2:45. I got up then and went to my previously scheduled doctor's appointment. It was that time of year to check everything out, make sure I'm still healthy. Other than having little to no voice, I'm healthy.

The biggest topic for discussion at today's appt was my sleep or lack of sleep. She really listened. It was so nice. We discussed why I don't sleep, when I do sleep, what keeps me awake when I don't, etc. It was wonderful. We are going to try a medicine called Restoril. We are starting at the lowest possible dose, have room to go up if we need to, can use it every night or not. Finally, an answer to my problem. Not sure if it will be the exact answer but at least I have someone willing to help find the solution that works. That in itself makes me happy.

Tonight's plan. I've already had my chicken noodle soup, taken my next dose of cold meds, I have my jammies on and am wrapped up in a blanket watching the opening ceromonies of the Olympics. I have always liked the Winter Games more than the Summer because I like winter sports more than summer sports (except volleyball). Tomorrow I don't have anywhere to go until a 7:30 HS hockey game. The boy is out of town so I'm going to stay in bed as much as I can. The voice is slowly returning. My energy is staying about the same. I'll keep medicating and resting.

My team emailed me from work today threatening to poke out their eyeballs with hot stickers if I'm not back by Monday! Guess they miss me!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

You guys rock!

Between several long naps and pots of tea I made it through all the comments on Os's roll for HNT pics. thanks to everyone that left me get well wishes. I've moved past smoker voice to occasional squeak with predominant breath sounds more than actual words. Likely going to have to email sick into work tomorrow as well. Thanks again for all the well wishes and words of advice. now for some more tea, oj, alka-seltzer plus and more!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Say ahhhhhhh.....

****EDIT: I am officially without a voice now! I set the alarm for 6 to get up and shower to head to work. I worked on trying to talk for an hour and a half before calling the boss and whispering that I'm unable to come into work. Now I'm surfing HNT pics and sipping hot tea, unable to even mutter to myself.

I'm still sick. I have little to no voice and the voice I do have sounds more like a 60 year old male smoker than the 28 year old female that I really am. I did go to work today (I know, i'm a health care provider, I should know better but in orthopedics if you miss work it is a sign of weakness). Luckily I didn't have any surgical cases, just outpatient clinics so it wasn't too demanding. Also got a really nice thank you letter from a patient. Usually you only hear from the unhappy one's so that was a bonus.

After my little post early last night I was in bed at 7 and asleep by about 7:40. I woke up every two hours to go to the bathroom after downing an entire kettle of hot tea and a can of chicken noodle soup. The warm liquids felt good. The fever broke sometime in the night and I'm left with the raw, on fire throat and man voice.

Be forewarned on the HNT pics. Not for the faint of heart. I wanted to show off my new turquoise and wood necklace and earrings that I made at my jewelry making party a couple weeks ago. I wore them with a cool layered turquoise sweater set and cream pants today to work. I quickly shedded the business attire when I got home but before crawling into bed I thought I should contribute to HNT this week with both my new jewels and my raw throat. Also gave me a way to see what my throat was looking like since the flash worked like a pen light (I know, I'm a geek).

One of my nurses offered to swab my throat for me to rule out strep but I'm not certain it is strep. I haven't been around people with strep but I have been around others with viral infections. So inspite the white glaze over my throat (as seen in the pictures below), I'm not considering antibiotics yet. I see my regular doctor on Friday anyway for my yearly physical so we can address it then. Until then, I'm religiously spraying my throat with Chloroseptic every hour and sucking on Cepacol lozenges in between. And yes, I'm playing volleyball tonight too. Might as well sweat it out right?

Ever hear that health care providers make THE worst patients!

I don't really have a quadruple crooked chin but when I am in agony due to the condition my throat is it, I guess it shows up. Sexy uh?


I think Romeo is sick too :) He has been sneezing like crazy and after we got up from our two hour nap this afternoon he sacked back out on the staircase. He was peacefully sleeping with nice deep breaths when I shot this first picture.

Sleeping peacefully, all by himself.......but, what is that? A spy? What does he have in mind?

A surprise attack! Special Agent Reggie attacked and fled the scene while I confused Romeo tried to get his bearings!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gosh darn...I give up

Sore throat is back with a venegence. last one that I had lasted a week and then I had no energy what so ever for another week. This one better get better and better fast. i have had a gallon of OJ today and now I have a pitcher of hot cranberry orange tea. It better make me feel better it's interfering with my gym work-outs! Damn it!

Saturday, February 04, 2006


I have had enough! This morning was the last straw. Enough already! I'm sick and tired of not being able to sleep like a normal person. I'm not an insomniac. It isn't that I'm not tired. I'm exhauseted but my brain won't slow down to let me sleep all night. Then I reach a point where I'm SO exhausted I crash and crash hard.

Monday night I got about 2 hours of sleep with my brain running all over the place. i then put in 10 hour days or longer every day at work this week. On top of that I went to the gym two nights, had volleyball one night, a hockey game to cover the next night and last night a black-tie optional event. By Thursday I was dragging ass, I pulled into the boy's house around 10:30 and was in bed asleep by 11:30. According to him I snored quite loudly the entire night.

Yesterday, I was up at 6, at work until 5:30 and then out until 1 am this morning. Got to bed around 1:30. I woke up at 8 to find the bed empty. I had snored so badly all night long the boy had to go sleep in the living room. After finding out he had been there since 2:30 am I went back to the bed and cried for an hour before hauling my ass into the shower and crying some more.

I've had ENOUGH of this not sleeping, not sleeping, not sleeping, and then crashing so hard that I snore like crazy because I'm completely zonked! Now it's starting to affect my relationship. NOT GOOD!

ENOUGH! At least this Friday I meet with my doctor for my yearly physical. I have gotten a new one since last year the lady I saw told me my difficulty sleeping was due to "habit" and I should "just get over it". i have to figure something out.

Now, i hope I can sleep tonight since I'm all paranoid about keeping him up now. Just one more thing to add to the swirling in my head.