Sunday, August 09, 2009

Kenai Penisula: Day 4

5:30 am came really early on day 4 of our trip but this was waiting for us.

We joined a group of other eager morning people (after I took off my "I don't do morning" pj's and dressed in sweats and a water proof jacket!). This nice fellow was from Iowa. His wife stayed at the hotel to sleep in and then update their travel journal. Susan was ready to go though!

Capt Justin, born and raised in Wasilla, was swift with the bludgeon. One of my 6 salmon that I caught in 30 minutes did this to him! Nice look, don't ya think?

The command when we caught one was "Fish on!". Brenda had a fish on about the same time four other people did. Rule...just don't reel in more than the 18 inches of lead you got and leave the fish in the water or it will break your line!

Not a bad day for silver's on Resurrection Bay. 6 silver salmon per person, total time from first catch to last catch...1 hour 10 minutes.

After a fast morning of fishing, we came back in for some halibut and then a scoop of Maui Waui! Super yummy!

The next stop was at the Iditaride experience at the Mitch Seavey place. Mitch's father helped Joe Reddington, Sr found the Iditarod race from Anchorage to Nome in memory of the famous Serum Run. That day his son Travis showed us around the place. Future racer right there!

This little blonde stole everyone's heart. How can you not love a face like that?

Susan and Brenda are strapped in for our 2 mile sled dog ride!

Travis is hooking up a team of 16 dogs to lead us through their flooded woods. The day prior the place had to close because severe floods took out their road. These dogs were so ready to run. You should here a lot of 85 dogs howl when they want to be picked for the next ride!

And we are off! Susan accused me of looking like a little kid in a candy store....I think she was right.

Good run, team! Back to the dog lot for a rest and treats!

In spite of the rain and mud, these dogs get hot even with a short run like we did. This guy has already accomplished an Iditarod run. This past year dad Mitch, son Dallas, and Dallas' wife Jen all raced in Nome. I saw Mitch and Dallas cross and then helped Dallas size out a vest he purchased for his wife. She finished the day I flew home. This year Danny and Travis, the younger boys, will be racing qualifiers to compete in future Iditarods.

We made one last stop before heading up to Anchorage. The Seward Sealife Center is a beautiful facility. This seal was playing in front of his "fans". He really wanted the fish that was being handed out in the pond next to him :)

The puffins were my favorite creatures on our sea cruise the day prior but getting a picture of one is quite difficult. The avairy at the Sealife Center is set up like a rookery (where sea birds come to mate before returning to their life on the water after giving birth). This is a horned puffin. Very funny, little bird!

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