Wednesday, August 18, 2010

HNT...Home away from home

I have had a wonderful home away from home on my camping adventures. And it won't be an adventure if I didn't take pictures to share!

I have absolutely no idea how this picture happened but I didn't delete it b/c after looking at it I liked the "creepy" factor to it. This was night two at the Becoming an Outdoor Woman weekend. I was in my tent and asleep by 9 pm! I was beat! You can see the bags under my eyes even in this crazy shot!
I am loving my Eureka two person tent. I just need to figure out a few more weekends to use it yet this summer!
I'm tucked in for the night without the dog on this trip. Makes for a lot more room plus I only had a #50 backpack so not a lot of space to haul extras. I slept like a log this night though. And yes, you can still tell how chewed up my ankles are from the prior weekend plus all the new ones.
Happy HNT!


Vixen said...

I had to take a second look at that first pic, lol. Camping.....sounds fun. :)

Jobthingy said...

lol the first pic is great. that happened to a friend of mine recently also.

looks like a great time! :)

BTExpress said...

That 1st pic is scary. FYI, the only way I go camping is if I'm in motor home. I need my comfort. Glad you had a good time though.

Emmy said...

That that first's such a fun shot!
I miss camping. We don't go enough.
Happy HNT!

Richard, Shhh... said...

Your outdoorsy stuff was easy to relate to and I tripped along all the way down the page to ur earlier adventures. I used to be a Scoutmaster & I sorely miss camping -- you have reawakened some of the outdoorsman in me. AND I know how I'm gonna do it -- I'm not gonna worry anymore about getting my place ready for friends and family that almost never come. If I let the mobile home just be its immobile self, I can mobilize MYself & go anywhere I want!

There's a lot of great outdoors nearby & I have lived by myself for 10 years after raising my sons so they could leave me. What the heck am I sticking around this unkempt mobile home for? I clean & sort a little bit every day & that's enough. My life has always been centered on other people, but they've all left -- one way or another. I pretty much keep myself occupied all the time anyway, so why bother doing it within the confines of the same ol' 4 walls? I have retired pay to burn away from the local bar & grill! Sorry to ramble on, but I think I just turned over a new leaf!
HHNT & Thanks, Moosie, you've been a Good Muse tonight!

Anonymous said...

that first pic is awesome in some strange creepy way!