Sunday, February 04, 2007

Winter has sprung

Didn't think it would take until February to finally say that! But we are experiencing the coldest, snowiest weather we have had all winter. The highs this weekened have hovered any where from 5 to 15 degrees BELOW zero. The sun is shining making sunglasses a necessity with everything still covered in white from the first persistant snow fall of the year too. We had lots of wet heavy one or two days of snow earlier but it never stuck around long. The ground has now been white for a good two weeks. I like it.

Of course, I pick the coldest weekend of the year to have a full slate of activities. My car made a serious protest yesterday morning to get to my 9:30 meeting. Even the hot chocolate at the hockey game couldn't keep me warm as I covered the last regular season game for the team I was assigned through Sports Med. I didn't take all my layers off rom that until 9 pm last night. I just couldn't get warm. So I kept the layers on and moved up to my third floor where it's the warmest to finish up all the preparation for this afternoon's children's Valentine's Day Stampin' Up workshop.

The floors are swept, the dining room full of Stampin' supplies, snacks laid out, a candle lit and food bought for our Super Bowl party, which I have to get to as soon as I'm done here at home. Since my Broncos were out of it all, I forgot Super Bowl Sunday when I planned my workshop. oh well...the boy has the handle on touching up his house and everyone is to bring their own snacks and we will order pizza. I should just have to show up.

Good thing the boss is going to be gone this week, I should have some time to relax and play catch up on everything else. Like finding the top of my desk and finishing a book or two :)

Have a great week!

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